Eighties Casuals


After several successful years on the graphic tee shirt arm of our business, we realised that technology in graphic art was improving substantially raising the bar via competition and customer expectation.

After experimenting with a host of graphic artists with varying degrees of success, we stumbled across a clothing label on display in one of our own stockists. The printed artwork was colourful, vibrant and the detail way ahead of anything we had seen before. After studying these garments we just knew we had get in touch with the artist and hope to pursue him to come on board with us.

Luckily the said artist was also Liverpool based and more importantly willing to accommodate our requirements with the same enthusiasm we have for our brand. The results? Some of our best selling designs to date with a quality of workmanship which is second to none that makes us proud to have Paul as a partner at Eighties Casuals



Liam Higginson (Villas-plots)


I can vouch for Paul Personally, not only has he transformed my website with his wonderful shots, he's also a lovely guy to boot. Highly recommended for all types of photography





Jinni Lee Foreshaw (Luxe Villas Europe)


Recommended! Paul has recently provided us with a fantastic selection of photographs for a rental villa very professional and a jolly nice chap!